A Very Big Welcome
The Nambucca Heads Uniting Church extends a warm welcome to all visitors and members alike. Whether you are a local or a visitor, a committed Christian or someone searching for a spiritual home, please join us on any Sunday at 9.00am. Services last for one hour and if you have time please stay on for coffee, tea, snacks and a chance for social interaction.


Visitors will be recognised, acknowledged and made to feel comfortable. However at no time will you be pressured to do anything other to just spend some time with us for as long as you wish to stay. Feel totally free to observe, listen or participate at your option. We'll just be delighted to have you in our midst, sharing our joy and goodwill.


Our Mission and Our Vision

"Expressing the love of Christ in our community by our words and actions"

To undertake practical expressions of care for the community through servant evangelism or random acts of kindness.
To encourage people to use their individual gifts for the benefit of thechurch and the community.
To maintain viable faclities for church life especially worship, fellowship and service
To encourage discipleship theough the provision of opportunities for learning and growing.
To provide a sense of belonging and welcome though friendship


Some of our church's Lay Preachers






Let's Share This Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all the daily blessings you bestow on our entire community. Help us all to know you, love you and live our lives in accordance with your teachings and examples.

Please save us all from sickness and injury. Spare us any relationship breakdowns and protect us from the adverse actions of other persons or organisations.

We ask you to bless all the sick and injured people throughout the world. Help them to know that you are always by their side so they may reach out for comfort and support. Please heal them, lift their spirits and carry them through their afflictions. We also ask that you strengthen and support each of their carers whilst assisting them to maintain faith and optimism.

Lord, free us from despondency, stress and anxiety. Guide us to perfect peace and serenity through constant prayerful communion with you. We need fear nothing with you at our side.

Help us to love all people, to put aside all biases and never be judgemental, no matter what the perceived provocation.

Please guide us all and help us to live our lives in ways which bring us closer to you and all peoples throughout the world.

Lord we ask all these things in Jesus name.



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